Included in this pack is (8) Action/Combat music pieces broken down into (22) music stems.  Each stem can be used for different scenarios, areas, or layers of intensity throughout your game. All music in this pack leads towards an action/combat feel. 

Action/Combat Music Cues:

  1. MARCHING_TO_FIGHT.wav (Full Mix)

  2. MARCHING_TO_FIGHT.wav  (Perc & Synths only)

  3. MARCHING_TO_FIGHT.wav  (Perc Only)

  4. UNDER_SIEGE.wav (Full Mix)

  5. UNDER_SIEGE.wav (Without Melody)

  6. AMBUSH.wav (Full Mix)

  7. AMBUSH.wav (Without Melody)

  8. TAKEDOWN.wav (Full Mix)

  9. TAKEDOWN.wav (Electronic Elements Only)

  10. TAKEDOWN.wav (Orchestra Only)

  11. DETERMINATION.wav (Full Mix)

  12. DETERMINATION.wav (Without Melody)

  13. FINDING_THE_ENEMY.wav (Full Mix)

  14. FINDING_THE_ENEMY.wav (Perc & Synths Only)

  15. FINDING_THE_ENEMY.wav (Perc & Chopper FX Only)

  16. FINDING_THE_ENEMY.wav (Perc Only)

  17. RISING_UP.wav (Full Mix)

  18. RISING_UP.wav (No Melody or Celesta)

  19. RISING_UP.wav (Celesta with no Melody)

  20. FRANTIC_CHASE.wav (Full Mix)

  21. FRANTIC_CHASE.wav (No Melody)

  22. FRANTIC_CHASE.wav (Drums Only)


Contact: Adam Block