Licensing Info

Exclusive Licenses:

Below are the details of the licensing terms for the various exclusive licensing packages we offer. You are only obliged to pay a one-time licensing fee for use of sounds & music that we have custom created for your game. However, if your game is a runaway smash hit, then it may become worthwhile for you to own all of your audio content outright, to prevent your sounds from showing up in someone else’s game one day. In that case we provide an option to make additional payments that go toward complete ownership of your audio content. On the other hand if your game isn't the next Angry Birds, then there’s no need to pay any more.

The (not-so) Fine Print

  • All sounds and music are custom created, under your direction, for your project.
  • Up to 4  revisions of any sound effect or piece of music.
  • Licensing fees are for two platforms (e.g. iOS and Andoid) and are spread out over 2 years as follows:
    • Year 1 – This payment allows you to use the sound FX & music in your game, throughout the world, forever. Additionally, Craft Media Group will not re-license the assets to anyone else for 1 year.
    • Year 2 – An optional payment, which ensures that your game’s sound FX and music will not be re-licensed by Craft Media Group to any other party for 1 more year
    • Year 3 – An optional payment, which buys out the rights to your game’s sound FX and music, so Craft Media Group will never license it to anyone else.

*You are under no obligation to pay the Year 2 and Year 3 payments. If it turns out that you have the next Farmville or Angry Birds on your hands, you simply have the option of obtaining the rights to all the audio content so that you can fully own your IP.

Non-Exclusive Licenses

Non-Exclusive content is also available from our Non-Exclusive Content Library. These consist of previously composed pieces of music and previously designed sound effects which may work quite well, but have been or will be used in other projects. Depending on the size of your game, your budget, or time frame in which you need content, this may be a great option. 

Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.