Craft Media Group is a boutique-style sound production agency based in San Diego, California whos custom sound effects, music, voice over work and audio mixing can be heard on many of the world's most highly acclaimed projects in TV, video games, virtual reality, and advertising. Craft Media Group is owned and operated by award-winning Sr. Sound Designer Adam Block, who’s contributed to over thirty video games since 2008, with several Activision, Sony, and independent game development studios. In 2013, Craft Media Group was formed to offer high-quality audio development services to game studios and ad agencies across the globe.

  • Videogame sound design & implementation into Unreal Engine 4

  • Marketing and promotional sound design and custom music

  • Sound & mixing services for virtual reality & 360 degree video

Current Videogame: Ashes Of Creation

Adam Block is currently leading the audio on one of the most highly anticipated MMORPG’s of the year, Ashes Of Creation by Intrepid Studios.


Custom music and sound effects for:

Video games  |  Advertising  |  TV  |  WEB  |  Cartoons

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