Custom Sound Effects And Music For Video Games, Advertisements and Virtual Reality

Craft Media Group is a boutique-style audio production company that designs sound effects and composes music for video games, virtual reality experiences, advertisements, cartoons and television commercials. Our team has worked on many of world's most well known Hollywood films and award-winning video games over the past fifteen years and now we welcome the chance to work with you. This company was founded on the idea that anyone should have the ability hire and collaborate with the same talent that works on larger budget studio projects. Our passion is creating great sounding products; it's that simple.  

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Some of our recent clients


  • EMMY Nomination 2016

                  Swiss Army National Television Commercial   Blue Barn Creative

  • Gold Medal Winner: Best In Show: BOSA 2015

               HADES: 4D Interactive Motion Ride    Specular Interactive

  • Best Commercial Spot 2015

                  Swiss Army: Victorinox (San Diego Film Awards)   Blue Barn Creative

  • Best Audio Mix 2013

                  (G.A.N.G. Award Nominee) - Planetside 2 (PC)   Sony Online Ent.

  • Best Sound Design of 2012

                   Transformers: Fall of Cybertron (XBox 360, PS3)   High Moon Studios

  • Best Cinematic/Cutscene Audio 2012

                  Transformers: Fall of Cybertron (XBox 360, PS3)       High Moon Studios